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Title: Falling
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 528
Summary: Post-Trenzalore drabble inspired by this quote from Sherlock - "Falling is just like flying, except there's a more permanent destination."

Falling )

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Title: Equilibrium
Fandom: Hannibal
Word Count: 840
Summary: Post finale drabble of the moment that Hannibal arrives to visit Will in prison. What was going through Will's mind when he sees the face of the man who framed him on the other side of the bars?

Equilibrium )

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Title: Sanguinaire
Fandom: Hannibal
Word Count: 943
Summary: With Will lying unconscious on the kitchen floor and Crawford no longer having his attention on the psychiatrist standing behind him, Hannibal has one more thing he'd like to indulge himself in. Tag to "Savoreux".

Sanguinaire )

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Title: Drift
Fandom: Hannibal
Word Count: 475
Summary: When he surfaces, all he knows is that he's sat alone in the leather seat of an airplane, cold and sticky from his own sweat, and a stranger is asking him to leave although he doesn't remember how he got here in the first place. Will's struggling with his grip on reality as he tries to piece together the puzzle in search of the copycat killer. Tag to "Relevés".

Drift )

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They look so alike.

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Title: Plat Froid
Fandom: Hannibal
Word Count: 576
Summary: Dr Abel Gideon wants everyone to believe that he is the Chesapeake Ripper. Hannibal is less than impressed with this. Drabble tag to "Entrée".
Notes: Looks like I've got another new fandom. This is a little drabble to try and break into it, since I'm warming up for something bigger.

Plat Froid )

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Title: A Brief History of Magic
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: K
Word count: 1041
Summary: Somewhere on Tumblr, there is a GIF from the HP movies of a wizard sat in the Leaky Cauldron, using wandless magic to make a spoon stir his coffee, while he reads Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time". This story is a snapshot of his life.

A Brief History of Magic )

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“Sacrifice” is the episode of Buffy where Buffy kills herself to close a portal to another dimension, but she does so as the older sibling in Dawn’s place.

Kripke is a fan of Buffy.

What if in Supernatural’s “Sacrifice” Dean kills himself to close the gates of Hell in Sam’s place?

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Title: Made of Stone
Fandom: Supernatural/Doctor Who crossover
Rating: K
Word Count: 970
Summary: My first venture into SuperWho. Crowley has Team TARDIS and Team Free Will cornered, as they’re facing off against the Weeping Angels. Brief exploration of an idea that may develop into something more.

Made of Stone )

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Title: Renewed
Fandom: Supernatural
Word Count: 327
Rating: T
Summary: Having pulled Dean out of Hell, Castiel now has the easier but no less important task of reviving something four months rotten. Drabble.

Renewed )
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Title: Guernica
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: T
Word Count: 387
Summary: They called Alastair Picasso with a razor, and if that was the case, then perhaps Dean was his finest work.
Author's Note: I just love the nickname “Picasso with a razor” for Alastair. It’s just such a great way of describing him – how he views torture as an art, and the way he cuts people up could be likened to how a Picasso portrait shows all the different parts of a person assembled in odd ways. It also makes me wonder if his victims could be compared to paintings. Guernica was originally painted to show the horrors of the Spanish Civil War, but to a demon, something like that would be seen in a whole different light. So this is just a little drabble inspired by that idea.

Guernica )

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Title: Loyalty
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: G
Word Count: 630
Summary: A lot of things have changed for Dean over the years. He's come back from the dead more than once; of the people he's cared about, some of them have let him down and betrayed him, while others he's lost for good. But through it all there's been one constant thing he can rely upon.

Loyalty )

She's had a long life, the Impala. It's coming up on half a century now; the years she's been in service. From Sal Moriarty in 1967 to Dean Winchester in the present day, all that time she's been driving dutifully on. And those years have indeed been full of driving: she's never been a car just meant to sit and look pretty on someone's driveway. No, the Impala, good looking though she is, is no showpiece. She's seen more than her fair share of mileage; driven the length and breadth of the United States several times over, perhaps even guzzled up enough gas to drive to the moon and back. And still she keeps going.

Many a car that's seen the years and miles she has would have given out by now; engines and wheels worn to the point of exhaustion and being good for nothing but scrap. But not her. Like her owner, she's no quitter. She's taken some crap over the years; been smashed to pieces and rebuilt almost from scratch; brought back to life after gathering dust in a lonely garage limbo for months; even helped stop an apocalypse or two. But even all that still wasn't enough to break her.

Still her wheels turn faithfully on, because that's how she rewards the man who cares for her. The man who put her back together, piece by piece, after a collision with a freight truck nearly destroyed the both of them. The man who convinced John Winchester to rescue her from the unloving used car dealer in the first place and put her back on the road where she belongs. The man whose memories she holds in her air vents and in her soul.

Because even though Dean Winchester has been let down by many things over the years, the Impala isn't one of them. When everything else in his life has been falling to pieces, she's the one constant thing that he can always rely upon. The familiar scent of her worn leather seats is something he can recall from even further back than he remembers holding baby Sammy in his arms, and the car herself has outlasted even John and Bobby in terms of the years Dean's spent with her. Even though there's plenty of times when she could have easily broken down beyond repair, that still hasn't happened. The car's kept going, ready for whenever Dean needs her again. She waited for him to get back from Hell. She patiently hid away while he was on the run, before returning to help him and Sam defeat Dick Roman. Then she waited again for him to get back from Purgatory.

Countless times she's been there to rush him or Sam or John to the hospital, or to help them escape some threat chasing them, or to get them some place fast when time isn't on their side. And countless times she's been there when he's just needed to hit the road and drive, her speakers blasting rock songs so familiar her cassette player almost knows them by heart. Always, whatever Dean needs from her, she'll give it him.

Because that's what this 1967 Chevy Impala does. Maybe now her wheels don't turn as smoothly as they once did, and her suspension creaks more than it used to, and her steering has grown stiffer over the years, but like Dean, she'll carry on. Because if there's one trait that car can be said to have, it's loyalty, and the thrumming heartbeat of her engine won't stop for good until the day that Dean Winchester's does too.

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So... the only absolutely completed cosplay I've got so far is still Mal Reynolds, but all the different pieces are all over the place somewhere back home because I used it twice last year, so I'm not likely to reuse it again this year. I'll still probably try and dig up everything over summer though.

In the very-nearly-finished category are: 
  • Castiel
  • Starbuck
And the still-some-work-needs-doing ones are:
  • Captain John Hart (which is technically very nearly finished, but all the stuff is at home, not uni)
  • Spike (which I have stuff for, but won't do unless I get up the guts to bleach my hair)
And I'm also debating whether or not to do River Tam, because for some reason I like doing male characters and I thought it'd be a bit different to do something more feminine. I have a few bits and pieces for River (recently bought some HUGE boots which would look River-ish with some summer dresses) but her most distinctive look is either the bar fight or the Reaver slaying one, which means I could do with making some weapons to go with it.
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On the subject of cosplay, this is the Kara Thrace cosplay I'm working on. There is a BSG patch on the left shoulder of the jacket, but it can't been seen very well. I'm also using a pretty awesome laser targeting nerf gun I won in a sci-fi quiz (by one point, and the question that made it was about BSG).
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This was completely unintentional, but I went to town today and spotted this coat in a charity shop for £9. So of course I had to buy it, because it was screaming at me to do a Cas cosplay if it was that affordable, and then I picked up the shirt and tie for an extra £3.50. And now pretty much the only thing I need is a suit jacket and maybe an angel sword. So I basically got half of a Cas cosplay for £12.50, which isn’t bad considering I only went to town for detergent and toothpaste. 
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Title: Storming The Pit
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: G
Summary: Dean didn't believe he deserved to be saved, but Castiel knew that wasn't true from the moment he first saw him. What exactly happened when Castiel pulled Dean from Hell?

Storming The Pit )

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Today DPM Nick Clegg has released an apology over breaking his party's pledge to oppose any rise in tuition fees. There's the serious version:

And then there's this utterly hilarious autotuned remix that's been done of it set to music:

Firstly, just to get it out of the way, the remix has had me in tears laughing and I think it's brilliant! Also, Nick Clegg has been quite a good sport by allowing it to be released as a single on iTunes, as long as the proceeds go to a Sheffield children's charity. The cynic in me half wants to say he only agreed to it to try and get people to like him again, but I honestly think he agreed to it because does actually have a sense of humour and is quite a nice guy. I genuinely don't think he deserves all the hate that he's getting, and this is actually what I wanted to post about.

I was one of the people who was initially angry with Nick Clegg when he broke his pledge not to raise tuition fees by introducing a bill in Parliament that would raise the cap to £9000 per year in November 2010. I thought by breaking that pledge he'd destroyed his integrity and credibility, and even though I could understand his reasons for it, I still didn't think it was justified. However, I'm also saying this as someone who met him on the day the bill was announced, within thirty minutes of him appearing at the despatch box, no less, and there was no way he was happy about it. He even said to me he wasn't happy about it in that many words, and even though again it is tempting to be cynical, I believed him. The reason being, he never publically admitted to anyone else that he wasn't happy about raising fees. He said he wasn't happy about signing the pledge, repeatedly said he had to compromise with the Tories because the Lib Dems made up such a small fraction of the government, but he never said he wasn't happy about actually raising fees. At the time, that would have been a bad political move because people were so sceptical about the future of the coalition anyway and the media were jumping on anything they could get that suggested there might be "cracks" in the coalition, but he said it to me one-on-one when there were no cameras about, which is why I think he was being honest and wasn't even saying it to try and improve his popularity again.

Now, two years later, he's apologised. I honestly think it came far too late, but better late than not at all. Many politicians would never admit they were wrong. I think Clegg was irresponsible for signing that pledge when he didn't for sure he could keep it, and only signed it because he never expected to get into government or have any kind of real power. Although I can understand he was in a very difficult situation when it came to making that decision when in government, it was his own fault for putting himself there and I don't think it excuses what he did. This apology should've come sooner and he absolutely should've done more to get a better deal from the Tories at the time if he truly regretted what he was doing, but that said, I still believe him. I absolutely buy that this apology is genuine, because I talked to him at the time and I got a very, very strong sense that he was unhappy about doing what he did. Not saying I forgive him, because I still don't think he won as good a compromise with the Tories as he could have done if he'd made a greater effort, but I think he is sorry about what happened, and not just because of the impact it's had on his popularity. My feelings towards Nick Clegg are that he is a generally decent guy, if a lousy politician, who made promises he didn't know if he could keep and didn't know how to fight for them when it came down to it. He was too much of an idealist and too irresponsible, which aren't good things for a politician to be, but I think it was brave of him to actually apologise even when it's two years in the past by now.

I can't say it has entirely restored my faith in the party, because I held out with them for a very long time and supported them when nobody else did, and repeatedly saw them cave in to Tory demands when they could have held their ground a little more, but I agree with what Nick Clegg said in the video about learning from mistakes. If he demonstrates that he has actually done this and never makes pledges that irresponsible again, then I might be prepared to accept that this party has actually learned something from being in government. If that's the case, I'll feel more inclined to believe they'll keep their promises in future because they won't make the same mistake twice. But I suppose that remains to be seen. (Not that I imagine I will be seeing it again for a very long time...)
indigoneutrino: (Default) makes its cover images too small. I've done several of them now which just don't really look that good when they're shrunk, even thought they're fine full size. This is for a Hunger Games/Battlestar Galactica crossover I've started called Games In The Viper Pit:

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Title: Valley of the Shadow
Fandom: Hunger Games
Rating: T for language and somewhat graphic detail
Summary: The thoughts of a tribute in their dying moments

Valley of the Shadow )
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Title: Inferior Metal
Fandom: Doctor Who/Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles crossover
Summary: Oneshot. A glitch with a time bubble causes Cameron to come face to face with a Cyberman.
Rating: T
Notes: This is a sort-of prequel to the TTSCC series, set at the point when Cameron is first sent back from the future, and ties in with the events involving the Cybermen in the parallel universe of Doctor Who. It's just a little idea I had that I wanted to try out – if the mechanics of a time bubble accidentally got caught up with a parallel universe, what would happen when Cameron encounters their version of a "cyborg"? A couple of initial glitches with it have now been smoothed out.

Inferior Metal )


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