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For anyone who's read my HP fanfic and seen the first video, here's a second one. This ones a lot heavier and darker than the first, and although I'm not as satisfied with it as I was the last one I hope you enjoy it anyway.

The story centres around Barty Crouch Jr, and also involves my OCs Gwen Coulthard and Sander Westerbeck. We all know Barty gets caught by the aurors, but how exactly does it happen and how are Gwen and Sander involved? Was Barty having doubts about his involvement with the Death Eaters before that? Watch the video and feel free to speculate! It's all coming up in the story.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Music is Vulture by Tristania.

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Video to go with my AVP/Doctor Who crossover fanfic The Inimical Prey, which can be found here.

Synopsis: The Doctor goes to investigate a distress signal from a stranded space crew, but gets more than he bargained for when he discovers the planet they've crashed on is infested with xenomorphs and a hunter species that views humans as fair game.

I've tried to stick to the plot, but it was a bit difficult due to the shortage of usable clips. And just for the sake of this video, try and pretend Georgia Moffett didn't play Jenny and that she's Ailyn Tevo instead. I tried to think of another actress I could use, but actually Georgia fits the role really well.

WMG did take away the audio at first but they've let me have it back, so enjoy!

Music is 'The Howling' by Within Temptation.

Clips are the property of 20th Century Fox and the BBC.

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Fan made music video for 'The Girl That Love Made Blind' - an unreleased demo by Blue Oyster Cult from the 1988 Imaginos album.

I admit the video is a little weird, but the song is a tad weird too so in a way I think it's rather fitting. It doesn't feature the band because I was trying to go for a similar approach to the official 'Astronomy' video - clips that seem a bit disconnected but show different parts of the story. I was thinking I might do a video for either Les Invisibles or the Siege And Investiture... that features more of the band.

The song's a waltz, so I tried to get lots of waltzing in there. It also has some rather heavy parts, so I tried to get some darker, heavier clips in for that amazing guitar part towards the end of the video.

I have a sort of ongoing challenge with myself to get David Tennant into every music video I make, no matter how seemingly irrelevant it may be, so he's in this (and waltzing, so actually it's not too irrelevant).

Also, I quite liked the feel of some Within Temptation videos to go with this song, so they're in this too. Sharon den Adel is supposed to be the girl in the Baron's castle. The ship at the end is supposed to be the Plutonia and the dancers are supposed to be guests at the party of astrologers. As to the rest of it, I don't really know. It's just a rather surreal video to go with a rather surreal song.

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I was watching the Breaking Dawn trailer earlier and thought it seemed very tame for a movie that has vampires and werewolves in it. The kind of vampire movies I like have plenty of horror or action in them (preferably both!) and the vampires actually look like they could kill you as opposed to just being pretty. I wanted to see a vampire trailer that was a bit more action packed, so I decided to make my own.

No plot as such, just vampires, vampire hunters and werewolves all at war with each other. Enjoy!

Clips are from:
Underworld 1, 2 & 3
Blade 1, 2 & 3
Van Helsing
and a couple of clips from the trailer for Fright Night 2011 (just because I am obsessed with David Tennant :P)

Music is The Great Pandemonium by Kamelot.

It's just for fun, no copyright infringement intended.

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I'm trying to do a fanvideo for the fictional character Yassen Gregorovich from the Alex Rider series. The problem is I'm having trouble finding clips. I've got most of the clips from the Stormbreaker movie, in which the character was played by Damian Lewis. He was also in a movie called 'The Baker' which is about an assassin, so I've quite a few good clips I could use from that as as well. However, there are a couple of REALLY good clips I'd like to use from the TV series Life but I can't get hold of them. My video conversion software only works for YouTube and the episodes I want to use the clips from aren't posted there. I've been searching through endless YouTube videos for what I'm after but I can't find them. The clips I want to use are:

From Season Two, Ep 16 "Hit Me Baby": The scene with Crews on the rooftop assembling the sniper rifle. That is just PERFECT.
From Season Two, Ep 17 "Shelf Life": I can't remember if I've got the right episode, but I want the scene with Rayborn on the boat where he tells Crews to eat the scorpion. I thought that would make for a good Scorpia reference.

My computer won't rip copy-protected DVDs and I can't find them on YouTube, so does anyone have any ideas as to how I could get hold of them?

Oh, and I need suggestions for a good song to use as well. I was going to use 'The Assassin' by Iron Maiden, but listening to it it just isn't smooth enough for Yassen. And it's one of Maiden's weaker songs anyway, so I thought I could find something better.
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Video for my fanfic In Too Far, about the relationship between Barty Crouch Jr. and my OC Gwen Coulthard. The story isn’t finished yet, so think of this as a sort of teaser trailer for what’s to come (but bear in mind there are some red herrings!) 

Synopsis: Shortly after joining the Death Eaters, Barty meets a young investment banker who he manipulates to raise funds for Voldemort’s followers, but he soon finds himself falling for her. Even as his feelings for her get stronger, he continues to lie to her about what it is he’s really doing, until events reach a climax with devastating consequences.

Links to parts one and two here: 

In Too Far: Part One
In Too Far: Part Two

Music: Cold Heritage by Lacuna Coil. I don’t own the copyright.

David Tennant as Barty Crouch Jr.
Charlotte Wessels as Gwen Coulthard


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