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I bought quite a few photos of David Tennant today but my absolute favourite has to be this one from Hamlet:

Now, you may find the reasons for this being my favourite a little bit odd. The reason I like it so much is because it reminds me of Bruce Dickinson. Everything from the coat to the hair to the facial expression is just so much like Bruce from the Man of Sorrows video. It's a photo of one of my favourite people that reminds me of another one of my favourite people, so I get double happiness from it because it makes me think of both of them. That's why I love it so much.

If you want to see what I mean this is the Man of Sorrows video:

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Photo of David Tennant and me at EMS 2011 :)
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David Tennant, Entertainment Media Show, London, Sunday 2nd October.

Bruce Dickinson, Canterbury Rocks Event, Canterbury Cathedral, Saturday 10th December.

My two idols, and I now have tickets to see each of them!

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Cheered myself up by buying tickets to the Entertainment Media Show and and tickets for a photoshoot with David Tennant. Insanely excited about that now! Stops me from stressing about other stuff as much. Wanted to get tickets to the Arthur Darvill one as well but I can't spend too much money. Oh well, I'm happy anyway XD
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Fan made music video for 'The Girl That Love Made Blind' - an unreleased demo by Blue Oyster Cult from the 1988 Imaginos album.

I admit the video is a little weird, but the song is a tad weird too so in a way I think it's rather fitting. It doesn't feature the band because I was trying to go for a similar approach to the official 'Astronomy' video - clips that seem a bit disconnected but show different parts of the story. I was thinking I might do a video for either Les Invisibles or the Siege And Investiture... that features more of the band.

The song's a waltz, so I tried to get lots of waltzing in there. It also has some rather heavy parts, so I tried to get some darker, heavier clips in for that amazing guitar part towards the end of the video.

I have a sort of ongoing challenge with myself to get David Tennant into every music video I make, no matter how seemingly irrelevant it may be, so he's in this (and waltzing, so actually it's not too irrelevant).

Also, I quite liked the feel of some Within Temptation videos to go with this song, so they're in this too. Sharon den Adel is supposed to be the girl in the Baron's castle. The ship at the end is supposed to be the Plutonia and the dancers are supposed to be guests at the party of astrologers. As to the rest of it, I don't really know. It's just a rather surreal video to go with a rather surreal song.

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Ok, well you know I posted that thing about Jamie Campbell Bower and Sebastian Bach the other day? Now I've found more lookalikes. I was watching an extended clip from the Fright Night 2011 movie earlier (David Tennant looks amazing in it BTW) and I thought that the character of Peter Vincent in his stage persona looked an awful lot like Tuomas Holopainen.

What do you think?


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