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Banner for my Firefly/Sharpe crossover fanfiction 'A Browncoat and a Greenjacket'. I'm still not at all happy with the lighting in this, despite working on it for ages and trying numerous different things, but for now I'm just posting it as it is because I'm not getting anywhere with trying to improve it.

Synopsis: Mal accidentally finds himself sucked back in time to the Peninsular War, where he meets Captain Richard Sharpe. The pair of them have to band together to defeat a common enemy and find a way to get Mal back to the 'Verse.
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Title: A Browncoat And A Greenjacket
Fandom: Firefly and Sharpe crossover
Rating: NC-17 for language and violence in future chapters
Summary: Two captains, separated by seven centuries and many lightyears of space, are thrown together by a glitch in time. Can Malcolm Reynolds find his way back to Serenity, and manage to convince Richard Sharpe that he is neither crazy nor a French spy?

I'm trying to make this as accessible as possible to people who are familiar with Firefly but not with Sharpe, so please give it a go anyway!
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The Master from Doctor Who is a pretty good villain. Not outright evil, just a bit crazy and messed up through no fault of his own. Gives his character more depth and also his backstory with the Doctor is interesting.

But my absolute favourite has to be Sergeant Hakeswill from Sharpe, and I particularly loved the way Pete Postlethwaite portrayed him in the TV series. Scheming, cruel and completely mad. Probably one of the most fun to watch and outright evil villains ever.


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