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Ah, I'm now remembering what inspired me to write that fic. It was the song "Acoustic Song" by Bruce Dickinson, and this piece of fanart by MegSuccubusFilth (click on the picture to see some more of her work):

I took the song lyrics out when I entered it for the writing competition, but it was originally a songfic. Even if the writing itself is only at the standard of a fourteen year old and needs a lot of work, it still brings back memories of a beautiful song and I think I did manage to capture the feeling of the song and the painting when I wrote it. That's why, despite its flaws, I'm proud of it.

Even though I posted the non-songfic version, I wanted to show how it worked with the lyrics, so here's the original.

When You Awake (Songfic Version) )

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I've been going through some of my completed drabbles and ficlets on FictionPress, and despite how nervous I was about sharing this one at first I'm now quite proud of it. This is an original ficlet I wrote quite a while ago - when I was fourteen I think, and compared to the other stuff I was writing and that age this one is rather good. Initially, I was a bit shy about sharing it with everyone because I thought it might be a bit too 'smushy', but last year I got up the courage to enter it into Take A Break magazine's Young Fiction Writer of the Year Contest. It didn't win, but it got credited for a special mention, and since I'm quite pleased with it I thought I'd archive it here.

Title: When You Awake
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Rating: G
Summary: Two lovers have one day left together, before one of them must return to reality…
Notes: I wrote this long before I'd even heard of Twilight.

When You Awake )


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