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I've just finished reading the Doctor Who book 'The Coming Of The Terraphiles' by Michael Moorcock. It was every bit as brilliant as expected and much funnier. I just loved all the characters, particularly Bingo Lockesley, and the descriptions of the Second Aether and the dark tides were wonderful.

Captain Cornelius was brilliantly mysterious, and I loved how his true appearance was never revealed so it's slightly ambiguous as to whether he's meant to be Jerry or not. However, the papier mache (false) Arlecchino mask and the iron (true) Pierrot mask he wears very much suggest he is meant to be an incarnation of Jerry, as those are the Commedia dell'Arte stock characters Jerry usually fills the roles of. It's also left open ended as to whether the Doctor and Amy might encounter Cornelius again, and I very much hope they do. Or maybe I'd like to read about the Doctor's past with Cornelius and that sword fight they have in Newcastle in 1918...There's just so much potential with this character and I really hope Michael Moorcock gets invited to write more DW stories.

Wouldn't be at all surprised if Moorcock was making a few nods to Blue Oyster Cult in this book. He's worked with them before, and I suspect he may have dropped in a few references to Hawkwind songs as well, but it was the BOC ones I picked up on. Bubbly Boys? The galleon Paine? Oyster Boys and Plutonia, anyone?

My favourite part of it (just pipping Captain Cornelius to the post ever so slightly) was the game of Whackit. I want Whackit to be real so much. It's basically cricket meets archery, and even though I imagine it would be a really dangerous game because of all the arrows flying around it still sounds like so much fun. I just found the idea of whackers and wotsit keepers and 'howzat!' so clever and funny, and I don't even like cricket!

I really want to start a Whackit team now. Anybody crazy enough to join me?
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I was in Waterstones earlier and completely by chance came across a Doctor Who book written by Michael Moorcock. Had a bit of a giddy fangirl moment in the store when I realised my favourite fantasy author had written a book for my favourite TV show ever, and I think my delighted squeals may have attracted a few odd looks. But anyway, I bought it immediately and it's looks set to be amazing. It's called The Coming Of The Terraphiles and it's about the Doctor and Amy's trek through the Moorcockian multiverse to the planet of Miggea.

Best of all, it features Jerry Cornelius as a space pirate. How bloody awesome is that? If you've read The Inimical Prey you'll know how much I love space pirates anyway, but I love Jerry Cornelius just as much. I think I've just found a rival for Tevo for when I do the TIP sequel. ;D

I've only read the blurb and I'm trying to be disciplined and save reading the rest it for when I'm on holiday next week, but it's going to be difficult. This is literally my dream book. The only way this could possibly be cooler is if Michael Moorcock and Neil Gaiman were to co-write a multiple Doctors story featuring Nine, Ten and Eleven. (Please let that happen. If one of my DW dreams has come true why not another one?)

I don't think I'll be able to wait. I'm going to have to start reading it now.


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