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So... the only absolutely completed cosplay I've got so far is still Mal Reynolds, but all the different pieces are all over the place somewhere back home because I used it twice last year, so I'm not likely to reuse it again this year. I'll still probably try and dig up everything over summer though.

In the very-nearly-finished category are: 
  • Castiel
  • Starbuck
And the still-some-work-needs-doing ones are:
  • Captain John Hart (which is technically very nearly finished, but all the stuff is at home, not uni)
  • Spike (which I have stuff for, but won't do unless I get up the guts to bleach my hair)
And I'm also debating whether or not to do River Tam, because for some reason I like doing male characters and I thought it'd be a bit different to do something more feminine. I have a few bits and pieces for River (recently bought some HUGE boots which would look River-ish with some summer dresses) but her most distinctive look is either the bar fight or the Reaver slaying one, which means I could do with making some weapons to go with it.
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Final version of the Mal Reynolds costume I'll be wearing tonight.

Firefly OC

Jan. 30th, 2012 12:52 am
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I was going to post this to Yahoo Answers, but it's too long (knowing how much I waffle on, that should not be a surprise). So, I'm going to post it here and might link to it elsewhere.

My Character )
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Banner for my Firefly/Sharpe crossover fanfiction 'A Browncoat and a Greenjacket'. I'm still not at all happy with the lighting in this, despite working on it for ages and trying numerous different things, but for now I'm just posting it as it is because I'm not getting anywhere with trying to improve it.

Synopsis: Mal accidentally finds himself sucked back in time to the Peninsular War, where he meets Captain Richard Sharpe. The pair of them have to band together to defeat a common enemy and find a way to get Mal back to the 'Verse.
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Title: A Browncoat And A Greenjacket
Fandom: Firefly and Sharpe crossover
Rating: NC-17 for language and violence in future chapters
Summary: Two captains, separated by seven centuries and many lightyears of space, are thrown together by a glitch in time. Can Malcolm Reynolds find his way back to Serenity, and manage to convince Richard Sharpe that he is neither crazy nor a French spy?

I'm trying to make this as accessible as possible to people who are familiar with Firefly but not with Sharpe, so please give it a go anyway!
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Title: Into The Second Aether
Fandom: Firefly (mixed somewhat with Michael Moorcock's multiverse)
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Set after the events of the Serenity movie. Badger has a job for Mal: to steal the Golden Orrery that is due to be presented to the King of Londonium at the U-Day celebrations. Mal is more than happy to do anything that might disrupt those wanting to celebrate unification, but his seemingly straightforward plan is disrupted when Kaylee finds some rather unusual passengers to bring on board for extra income. Serenity becomes the temporary home to three Core Worlders  who have found themselves stranded on the Rim: a terraforming tycoon, his wife and an eccentric hat maker. Their presence on board raises some questions as to why Badger would want to get his hands on the Orrery, and could there really be terrible consequences for the 'Verse if a certain missing hat is not recovered? And what of the mysterious  phantom ship that Rim Worlders have reported seeing sailing between the outer planets?

Other notes: This arose from me having a conversation with a friend about shiny hats, and from me having read the Doctor Who book The Coming Of The Terraphiles. It promises to be as bizarre as that book in future chapters, but I'm trying to adapt the story to fit the Firefly universe.
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Me as Captain Mal Reynolds. Picture quality’s crappy, but the camera on my phone is awful in artificial light. It’s for a sci-fi themed bar crawl at my uni which isn’t until March, but I’m getting prepared early. I need time to paint up the gun, because I can’t afford an official replica so I’m going to try modifying this toy Wild West-style revolver which I got for a fiver.
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Title: Hell Unleashed

Fandom: Crossover - Firefly/Alien

Summary: Set post BDM. When the Blue Sun Corporation revives a 200 year old abandoned research project from Weyland-Yutani, there are devastating consequences for Mal and his crew.

Rating: NC-17

Notes: First attempt at Firefly fanfic, so I perhaps haven't got all the characters down as good as I'd like, but I do think I'm pretty good at Alien/Predator fics so hopefully I can still pull this off.


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