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So... the only absolutely completed cosplay I've got so far is still Mal Reynolds, but all the different pieces are all over the place somewhere back home because I used it twice last year, so I'm not likely to reuse it again this year. I'll still probably try and dig up everything over summer though.

In the very-nearly-finished category are: 
  • Castiel
  • Starbuck
And the still-some-work-needs-doing ones are:
  • Captain John Hart (which is technically very nearly finished, but all the stuff is at home, not uni)
  • Spike (which I have stuff for, but won't do unless I get up the guts to bleach my hair)
And I'm also debating whether or not to do River Tam, because for some reason I like doing male characters and I thought it'd be a bit different to do something more feminine. I have a few bits and pieces for River (recently bought some HUGE boots which would look River-ish with some summer dresses) but her most distinctive look is either the bar fight or the Reaver slaying one, which means I could do with making some weapons to go with it.
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On the subject of cosplay, this is the Kara Thrace cosplay I'm working on. There is a BSG patch on the left shoulder of the jacket, but it can't been seen very well. I'm also using a pretty awesome laser targeting nerf gun I won in a sci-fi quiz (by one point, and the question that made it was about BSG).
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This was completely unintentional, but I went to town today and spotted this coat in a charity shop for £9. So of course I had to buy it, because it was screaming at me to do a Cas cosplay if it was that affordable, and then I picked up the shirt and tie for an extra £3.50. And now pretty much the only thing I need is a suit jacket and maybe an angel sword. So I basically got half of a Cas cosplay for £12.50, which isn’t bad considering I only went to town for detergent and toothpaste. 
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I must be the luckiest person ever when it comes to finding cosplay coats. Earlier this year when I was looking for a brown coat to cosplay as Mal Reynolds, on the day of the cosplay event I just walked into a charity shop on the off chance they'd have something, and right there in front of me was the perfect coat on a hanger - right colour, style, size and everything.

Today, I decided to look for a red military style coat to cosplay as Captain John Hart, which I won't actually be needing for a few months but I wanted to start looking early. I kind of forgot though, so I went to town, did everything else I had on my list, and then forgot I wanted to do some shopping for cosplay until 4:50 when all the shops would soon be shutting. I just walked into the nearest charity shop for a quick five minute look, not expecting to find anything, and right there on a hanger in front of me was a red coat in the right colour, style, size and everything! (Not perfect mind, it'll need some modifications but if you know what the coat looks like you can take that as a given.) Still, it was an ideal base to start from. Maybe I just attract really good cosplay coats! XD
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Final version of the Mal Reynolds costume I'll be wearing tonight.
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Me as Captain Mal Reynolds. Picture quality’s crappy, but the camera on my phone is awful in artificial light. It’s for a sci-fi themed bar crawl at my uni which isn’t until March, but I’m getting prepared early. I need time to paint up the gun, because I can’t afford an official replica so I’m going to try modifying this toy Wild West-style revolver which I got for a fiver.


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