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Fan made music video for 'The Girl That Love Made Blind' - an unreleased demo by Blue Oyster Cult from the 1988 Imaginos album.

I admit the video is a little weird, but the song is a tad weird too so in a way I think it's rather fitting. It doesn't feature the band because I was trying to go for a similar approach to the official 'Astronomy' video - clips that seem a bit disconnected but show different parts of the story. I was thinking I might do a video for either Les Invisibles or the Siege And Investiture... that features more of the band.

The song's a waltz, so I tried to get lots of waltzing in there. It also has some rather heavy parts, so I tried to get some darker, heavier clips in for that amazing guitar part towards the end of the video.

I have a sort of ongoing challenge with myself to get David Tennant into every music video I make, no matter how seemingly irrelevant it may be, so he's in this (and waltzing, so actually it's not too irrelevant).

Also, I quite liked the feel of some Within Temptation videos to go with this song, so they're in this too. Sharon den Adel is supposed to be the girl in the Baron's castle. The ship at the end is supposed to be the Plutonia and the dancers are supposed to be guests at the party of astrologers. As to the rest of it, I don't really know. It's just a rather surreal video to go with a rather surreal song.

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I'm going through a bit of an Imaginos-obsessive phase at the moment, so I've produced this surreal little drabble inspired by the Blue Oyster Cult song 'The Girl That Love Made Blind' and Sandy Pearlman's Imaginos poetry.

And The Dance Was Time )
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I've spent the last couple of hours listening to various different versions of the song 'Astronomy' originally by Blue Oyster Cult, and I'm trying to decide which one I like best. The only conclusion I've come to is that I like different parts of all of them best, so here's a list of all the different elements I would put together to make my own ultimate version of Astronomy:

Original piano intro
For some reason, I'd really like to hear Roy Khan do the vocals
Simone Simons doing background vocals in the style of the Imaginos version
Metallica's guitar work in the middle
Original 'hey's
Imaginos background synths after 'In hellish glare and inference..."
Original "Or the light that never warms..."
Metallica guitar/original flute riff duo after that part, but with a real flute instead of a synth
Imaginos guitar doodle in the background
Original "And then came me."
Imaginos "Call me Desdinova..."
Break down after "And don't forget my dog..." from Some Enchanted Evening
Ending done in the original style, but with Simone doing pseudo-operatic stuff alongside Roy
Original howling wind sound to finish

I think that combines all my favourite elements of that song and my favourite elements of music in general.
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Okay, I'm going to archive a few of my fics here if they're complete and relatively short. May as well start with the most recent one.

Title: I Am The One You Warned Me Of
Fandom: Doctor Who / Imaginos Crossover. Mostly Imaginos, although there probably aren't that many readers familiar with what that is. Imaginos is the title character of a rock opera by Blue Oyster Cult, and he's an agent of a group of supernatural beings who are trying to change history. Or at least that's my interpretation of the album. I don't think anybody really understands it.

Rating: G
Summary: The time travelling agent of Les Invisibles encounters the Doctor in Elizabethan England.
Notes: Short mini-fic that came about because I was simultaneously trying to listen to the concept album and watch Doctor Who on TV.

I Am The One You Warned Me Of )


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