indigoneutrino: (Default) book cover for a Castle/Doctor Who crossover oneshot, "Doctor In New York". It took me a while to do the TARDIS reflection in the water and you can barely see it on, so I wanted to post a bigger version here.

indigoneutrino: (Default) book cover for my House MD/Castle crossover fanfic 'A Man's House Is His Castle'.

Synopsis: When Castle gets taken ill during a book signing in New Jersey his case attracts the attention of Dr House. However, if Castle wants to be cured it may mean having to come clean with Beckett about his secret investigation into her mother's murder.

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Banner for my Firefly/Sharpe crossover fanfiction 'A Browncoat and a Greenjacket'. I'm still not at all happy with the lighting in this, despite working on it for ages and trying numerous different things, but for now I'm just posting it as it is because I'm not getting anywhere with trying to improve it.

Synopsis: Mal accidentally finds himself sucked back in time to the Peninsular War, where he meets Captain Richard Sharpe. The pair of them have to band together to defeat a common enemy and find a way to get Mal back to the 'Verse.
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The other one's too big for HarryPotterFanfiction.Com, so I've done another one that's got the right pixel ratio. Because of the banner issue I'm still waiting for chapter one to get validated on that site, but I've already posted fifty or so chapters here.

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I've done a banner for my HP fanfic In Too Far. I did originally post it elsewhere, but there's been some issues with image hosting when trying to get it to display on HarryPotterFanfiction.Com, so I'm putting it here as well.


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