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I don’t want to sound like I’m going off on one here, but I just had to get this off my chest. The past few weeks for me seem to have been full of one thing after another going wrong.

Firstly, I didn’t get paid for over two months because my employer couldn’t change my bank details straight after I got my student account. And then, when they could change my bank details so I could get paid this month, for some reason they didn’t. I’ve only just managed to get that sorted today after two months of not being paid. I wouldn't have minded so much if that was the only thing I needed to sort out, but it wasn't.

The train company owe me money for a trip I should never have had to reschedule, due to my old school changing around the dates of A-Level certificate presentation evening and forgetting to tell everybody. By the time they did remember to tell anyone I’d already booked tickets for the trip back from uni. I had to rebook for another trip before I could cancel the first one, so they’ve taken double the amount off me. Now it’s going to take ages to get a refund on that, and I’ve had to pay a £10 administration fee for something that wasn’t my fault.

Plus, the exam board who marked my physics A-Level have decided to downgrade my coursework by three grade boundaries and have offered no explanation as to why. It’s been sent off for a remark, and if they have got it wrong then I’ll be upgraded to an A* overall instead of an A. But I’m not likely to get the results of the remark until after I’ve got my certificate, so then I’ll have to mess around sending that off to get it changed.

Sorry for ranting, I’m just really frustrated with everything right now. I think I’ll feel better once I’ve gone and made myself some tea.
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You know what's really annoying? Project books with perforated pages that you are supposed to be able to tear out easily, but in reality every time you try you just rip the page you were working on and leave messy scraps of paper in the ring bindings. My stats homework now looks like it's been chewed up by a dog thanks to the crappy perforations.

Also, while I'm ranting about being annoyed, two things that got on my nerves today: automatic doors that you've practically walked into by the time they open (to the people at British Homestores, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT CHUFFING DOOR. It's no good having it open when somebody is only five inches away). And also, novelty underwear. I am shocked by the number of people I serve at work who are buying underwear with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Hello Kitty on. You people are ADULTS for, chuff's sake. You should have grown out of wearing underwear like that by now.

Ok, rant over. It's time for a cup of tea.
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Grr, I'm in a bit of a frustrated mood with FanFiction.Net right now. The edit feature on all HP stories is down, dammit! I want to update! Why is it only the HP fandom that's affected? All my other stories are fine for editing if I so wish, but the one I want to update is my main HP fic. I'm pretty sure the problem's with the entire fandom, as my other HP fic is down as well and I get the same error message if I try and submit a new story in the Harry Potter category. Grr. I hope it gets sorted out soon.

EDIT: Ok, it appears the problem is affectings loads of users across all fandoms. That still doesn't explain why I can edit some of my fics and not others, but I feel slightly better knowing I'm not the only one experiencing this problem. It's still annoying as hell though - I'm not going to be able to update before I set off on my three day uni visit unless they sort it in the next two hours. :( Please somebody fix it!

EDIT #2: Somebody has pointed out a way round the error message - if you change 'property' to 'content' in the URL you can still access the page. YAY!!!
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I have now had this stupid cough for a week, and for some reason, instead of getting a cold and then getting a cough afterwards, I've done it backwards. Not only am I now having coughing fits every five minutes, I can't breathe through my nose, my ears ache, my joints ache, my throat feels like it's made of sandpaper and there's been almost 100 typos in this post I've had to correct because I can't concentrate properly.

I'm supposed to be going out tonight, I'm due to work two full days this weekend (which I need the money from) and I want to actually have a driving lesson this week, but it doesn't look like any of that is going to happen now. :( In short, I am just bloody sick of this now and want to feel better/

Being sat at home feeling like crap when I've got lots of things that need to be done = no fun at all. I blame my sister for giving me this virus in the first place. :(


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