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I'm trying to do a fanvideo for the fictional character Yassen Gregorovich from the Alex Rider series. The problem is I'm having trouble finding clips. I've got most of the clips from the Stormbreaker movie, in which the character was played by Damian Lewis. He was also in a movie called 'The Baker' which is about an assassin, so I've quite a few good clips I could use from that as as well. However, there are a couple of REALLY good clips I'd like to use from the TV series Life but I can't get hold of them. My video conversion software only works for YouTube and the episodes I want to use the clips from aren't posted there. I've been searching through endless YouTube videos for what I'm after but I can't find them. The clips I want to use are:

From Season Two, Ep 16 "Hit Me Baby": The scene with Crews on the rooftop assembling the sniper rifle. That is just PERFECT.
From Season Two, Ep 17 "Shelf Life": I can't remember if I've got the right episode, but I want the scene with Rayborn on the boat where he tells Crews to eat the scorpion. I thought that would make for a good Scorpia reference.

My computer won't rip copy-protected DVDs and I can't find them on YouTube, so does anyone have any ideas as to how I could get hold of them?

Oh, and I need suggestions for a good song to use as well. I was going to use 'The Assassin' by Iron Maiden, but listening to it it just isn't smooth enough for Yassen. And it's one of Maiden's weaker songs anyway, so I thought I could find something better.
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Well, I went out and bought Scorpia Rising, and it was an absolute bargain too - half price new releases £3.50. Suffice to say I'm very pleased, and I'll be spending the rest of my evening reading it =D
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This is the second piece of fanfiction I'm archiving here. It's an Alex Rider oneshot I write a while ago, which reminds me I'm going to try and go out and buy Scorpia Rising today. If not today then most definitely tomorrow. I can't wait to read it XD

Title: He Died Well
Fandom: Alex Rider
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Yassen Gregorovich reflects on the death of one of his targets.

He Died Well )


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